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Drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of your biggest enemies, break your connection with it today!

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Treating drug addiction with holistic care

Drug addiction is an illness with multiple layers, which can pervade every facet of life. It is not something associated with people of low intelligence. Also, there is nothing like a ‘functioning’ addict, which is there is the case of alcohol addiction. Above all, people don’t grow out of addiction. At SAMBHAV, we have a special drug addiction treatment facility. Furthermore, we are aware of the misconceptions and work with patients to overcome the trials that they were facing.

When it comes to treating drug addiction, in other words, it is about treating the individual. People get affected differently by substances. Therefore, our treatment has been planned with different elements, programs, costs, and all of them gear towards the focus of breaking the cycle of addiction.

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Consequences of drug addiction


  • Infertility
  • Respiratory system failure
  • Serious damage to vital organs
  • Cravings for more drugs
  • Weaken immune system


  • Memory loss for long term
  • Hallucinations
  • Reduction in the capacity of intellectual
  • Obsession
  • Personal denial


  • Apathy
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings with aggression
  • Extreme exhaustion


  • Lack of interest in likable activities
  • Abandonment of profession or study
  • Stress in family relationships
  • Financial hardship

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Drug Addiction Withdrawals

Withdrawal- is a process under which the body detoxifies itself after the continuous use of drugs. Physical and psychological dependencies on drugs vary from person and severity. Dependencies can be influenced by how long the addict was using drugs, their type, and the method of withdrawal. Some elements like alcohol, GHB, and prescribed medication can have lethal side effects during withdrawal.

At SAMBHAV, we nurture a safe environment for patients to overcome withdrawal as they proceed in the treatment. Our holistic approach can provide medically-assisted detoxifications, a team of medical specialists.

Education about addiction and treatment