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Alcohol addiction treatment

It’s time to beat the addiction of alcohol and step into the world of change! Quit alcohol today.

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How Sambhav treats alchohol addiction?

We consider alcohol addiction as a common and pervasive illness. The most surprising thing is that alcohol is intertwined in society due to which addiction can go unnoticed or untreated. The truth of the matter is that alcohol can be highly addictive and destructive for addicts. Besides this, it could be the same for their families as well.

To deal with this matter, we have a holistic model of care. We begin helping patients by detox and manage withdrawal. Next, we cover the treatment plans for patients, which are made up of different therapies and costs. This model of treatment gives the patient a chance for long-term recovery.

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Outcomes Of Alcohol Addiction

It is surprising that frequent glasses of wine and alcohol can turn out to a blunder for many. Though it is like other diseases which can be treated, before the treatment it causes the following effects to the body.


  • Damage to important organs
  • Loss of coordination
  • Cravings of drinking
  • Higher risk of alcohol poisoning


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased cognitive function


  • Inability to control the use of alcohol
  • Use of alcohol to decrease stress
  • Preoccupying the mind for the next drink
  • Changes in the mood while drinking

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Alcohol addiction and withdrawal

Withdrawal from the ongoing addiction to alcohol can be very dangerous for patients. Withdrawal of alcohol depends upon the patient to patient but is not straightforward but “drying out”.

After a day without alcohol, the person experiences the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Shaking of Hands
  • Sleeplessness

When it comes to heavy drinkers and addicts, they are at risk of seizures and hallucinations in the initial stage of the treatment. Some even go through delirium tremens, the onset of confusion, and sympathetic overdrive, which sometimes leads to cardiac arrest.

Being experienced in handling such patients, the team of SAMBHAV has the medical support of doctors, nurses, and medication. We take the first step in the direction by treating the physical symptoms and identifying the psychological causes of addiction. This approach of ours helps the patient to move to the next stage of recovery.

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