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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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How we are fighting against the challenge (Covid-19)

As a Covid-19 has considered as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. It’s infecting people at a great pace here in India. We Sambhav Rehab has considered the pandemic as an opportunity to grow and help drug addictive people by ensuring the safety of our clients and each and every member of Sambahv Rehab.

To ensure safety at Sambhav Rehab. We are following the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and the Indian Govt. We take care of the regular updates from the government by implementing the changes quickly without any delay. Till now, none of our clients or employees has come in contact with suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Your safety is our first priority, as we alter our operations according to the guidelines of the government. However, if there is anyone caught the virus, we ensure transparent communication to minimize the anxiety and worry of the client’s family member.

We at Sambhav Rehab are implementing safety measures to provide safety to our clients for their regular treatment.

We ensure your safety at Sambhav Rehab Center:

We as an organization take several preventative measures for the safety of our residential clients. Here is the list of safety measures:

  • Employees’ Screening: We at Sambhav Rehab, ensure regular screening of our employees for overall safety. In case, an employee came into contact with a person having covid-19 symptoms then, they are not allowed to come to the center for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Client’s Screening: Yes, we are accepting new clients; but, we avoid new admissions having covid-19 symptoms as- cough, fever, breath shortness, and related issues. For covid-19 patients we prefer to delay the admissions, it may look rude but it is beneficial for the overall organization and its members.
  • Social distancing: We ensure social distancing among clients and employees, during sessions and off-session.
  • Proper sanitization: Sambhav Rehab has increased the sanitization measures that include regular sanitizations of floors, shared areas, door handles, and more.
  • Maintaining hygiene standards: here at our center, it is a compulsory precaution to wash hands and using sanitizer regularly.
  • Accommodation: We provide private accommodation for each client.
  • Regular health checks: To ensure safety, we monitor the health of each client on a daily basis.
  • Family education Sessions: We also organize an online video family education session with clients’ family members.
  • Digital aftercare program: We provide video calling counseling services as an aftercare program.

Stop Using Covid-19 as an excuse, when we are available here!

Sambhav Rehab is still working for your wellness. So, step up and join us here at Sambhav rehab center. Start your Journey to recovery now!