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Support Programs

When the time gets more challenging for addicts, Sambhav is there to overcome that time for them!

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If you or your loved one is trying to win the battle with addiction and want support, then contact us for a free 60-minute consultation. If the situation of the patient is critical, feel free to give us a call and we will arrange priority admission.

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Support Services

At Sambhav, we are aware of the fact that addiction is complex as well as multi-faceted. Due to our knowledge of all the aspects of addiction, we offer additional support services to patients who struggle with addiction and other related issues. We provide assistance irrespective of where they are in the journey of recovery.

Outpatient services

Following our programs, we are dedicated to supporting patients as they reenter society. We commit this by offering the same safe and supported programs for patients that are looking to counter their addiction.

Family intervention

The initial step is the hardest one; that’s why we have certified and experienced interventionists to provide a helping hand to families in persuading loved ones that they need help. A small intervention can make a big difference between successful treatment and continued use.

We perform in the following way:

  • Assist you to get ready for the intervention from the beginning to acceptance of treatment.
  • Kindness and compassion style of healing.


It gives an opportunity to recovering addicts to share their experiences as individuals and within a group of peers. The sessions are conducted by experienced and trained staff. Many counselors even share their experience as well when they were addicted to something, which further provides deep insight. Services under this include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • One-on-one counselling
  • Group therapy

Forensic services

We help those as well who are dealing with legal issues and are in need of treatment for addiction. We have an appropriate understanding of legal issues; that’s why we always assist with the highest possible degree of discrepancy.

Our forensic services include:

  • Forensic assessments of addiction
  • Advocacy in court
  • Detailed court reports

Transitional housing

It is a well-known fact that addicts need safe and secure locations to recover and re-enter society. Most importantly, they need to stay away from those with whom they were associated. This service takes place in a comfortable space, where patients can facilitate their recovery. The service includes:

  • Supported recovery
  • Peer support groups
  • Alcohol breathing test and urine drug screening

Relapse prevention

The main aim of this service is to support ongoing recovery. The service includes:

  • Support from experienced and trained staff
  • Self-help groups
  • Check-ins and individual counseling

Have a word with us for more knowledge about the services!

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Homelike Environment

At Sambhav, we make people feel as if they are in the comfort zone of their house.

Priority admission

The admissions are given immediately as well once the consultation has been done.

Qualified Staff

We have a pool of professionals that are dedicated to dealing with people with addiction.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience, as we are specialized in treating all kinds of drug and alcohol addiction.

Effective Therapies

We make use of those therapies that have proved to bring significant results.

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