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SAMBHAV is known for its commitment to treating people with addictions.

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Sambhav De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre | Nasha Mukti Kendra

Sambhav De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre | Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad is being run by Sambhav Welfare Society registered in August 2020, is an NGO working in the field of De-addiction and Rehabilitation completely dedicated to rehabilitate and to cure those who are in the grip of drug addiction from all spheres of life and society. We offer various services like De-addiction, Detoxification, Rehabilitation, Counselling, Recovery follow-up, Dual diagnosis treatment, Therapy, Yoga & Meditation, and 12-steps program.

We have an in-house capacity of 30-40 patients. Till date we have treated more than 150 patients successfully. We welcome each and every one who is in the grip of addiction which is a very powerful, cunning and baffling disease irrespective of their drug of choice, age group and financial situation. As the name suggests, we at SAMBHAV, Best nasha mukti kendra in ghaziabad, believe and firmly know by our experiences that there is nothing impossible in life and as far as drug de-addiction is concerned, the path of recovery from drug addiction is not a tough job for any person who is sincerely willing to quit.

At Sambhav, we believe drug addiction and alcohol as a pertinent problem, which is affecting many households. Sambhav, being one of the leading figures of drug and alcohol treatment standards, is successful in delivering the highest recovery rates in Ghaziabad by fulfilling the need for fresh air and arrangements that are made within the facilities for a long-term residential treatment program. We primarily follow 12 step program to empower intensive reflection, study, clean living, and exercise. To achieve this, we adhere to a widely acceptable and secular approach. Through our focused approach, we have been able to secure the position of one of the sought-after de-addiction centers in Ghaziabad.

Our exceptional service is provided to those who suffer from addiction to dreadful substances like opium, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. For this, we have a pool of skilled and qualified counselors, psychologists, physiologists, and doctors. Group and individual counseling sessions are conducted to make sure that the patient comes out with what is going on in his mind. The addicts are examined by the medical team till recovery is seen in the symptoms. We have sufficient space for conducting activities like cricket, yoga, volleyball, etc.

Our values

At SAMBHAV, we are aware of what people with addiction and their families go through.


Being a specialized and experienced organization, we strive to be one of the credible in the industry. Our staff is registered and has been trained to the highest levels.


We believe it to be our responsibility to attend immediate calls. We work quickly to get the patient to recovery. We don’t hesitate to look at immediate cases.


We are aware of the fact that treatment is a life-long process. We offer support to our patients from the very first of the treatment till years to make sure he remains free from addiction.

Consequences of drug addiction


  • Infertility
  • Respiratory system failure
  • Serious damage to vital organs
  • Cravings for more drugs
  • Weaken immune system


  • Memory loss for long term
  • Hallucinations
  • Reduction in the capacity of intellectual
  • Obsession
  • Personal denial


  • Apathy
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings with aggression
  • Extreme exhaustion


  • Lack of interest in likable activities
  • Abandonment of profession or study
  • Stress in family relationships
  • Financial hardship