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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh for drug and alcohol addiction

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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh

We at Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh, believe that Many things change with time ,as time proceeds there is a change in lifestyle too .Change is must in society which substitute bad and old things and for new and good things to life which are very much needed to live a life with joy , happiness , fun , entertainment and luxury . But sometimes some changes are not good for society as they become toxic and effect the people’s lives so badly that it can lead to premature deaths or cause severe and acute diseases. During these times ,there is a simple word known to everybody and very easy to call without knowing its severity and bad consequences on life .This is known as addiction.

Addiction is s a very common word and is used for many things like food, gaming, biking , cars,mobiles ,money etc but the ugly face of addiction which is very devastating and ruthless . Addiction for alcohol or drugs causes havoc in someone’s life and kills a person slowly also effecting the life of his loved ones .Addiction first spoils a person physically , mentally and spiritually making him a threat to society which affect his personal and professional life too. An addict has no choice during addiction as he becomes completely dependent on drugs or alcohol as they possess overall control over his brain . Th main thing is that a person never accepts that he is in addiction of drugs or alcohol as he thinks whenever he wants to quit he can but the truth is that he is never able to quit this.If he has will as the substances or alcohol has full control over his body that is the reason why a person always denies the fact of being an addict and he is never able to live a normal life .

In this situation, he needs someone who will guide him in right direction and for this there is a place known as rehabilitation centre where these addicts and their addictions are treated properly. Sambhav rehabilitation centre is your trusted partner for de-addiction and mental health recovery .Sambhav rehabilitation centre has treated many addicts successfully till now and owns a prestigious names among rehabilitation centres and is known for its own uniqueness for its family ambience-based treatment .

The treatment plan at SAMBHAV, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh.

Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh, provides treatment totally dependent upon international guidelines and standards , our treatment plan is divided into three stages which are followed in rehabilitation internationally .We first detoxify the patient to improve his physical health by providing proper hygienic , detoxifying food as suggested by our medical staff as it varies from patient to patient .When the patient is physically fit then our team of doctors like psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors examine the patients and proper counseling is done by them to solve their queries and problems , this help us to understand the state of patient which he is going through .After this proper Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted to boost their mental health .When the patient is stabilized both physically and mentally, we move to the second step i.e. rehabilitation.Sambhav rehabilitation provides a 12 steps program which is accepted all over the world and has millions of followers globally .

Special knowledge sessions with personality transformation classes help a person in changing his lifestyle and making him a social person . Sharing sessions are also conducted so that they can express themselves. various activities and therapies are also conducted for over all development helping an addict to become a social , loving and caring person which all the families need . After this the stage which comes is that in which our counselors tell them a method by which one can save his own life by avoiding drugs or alcohol use in the outer world .These methods are called relapse prevention tools .

Why SAMBHAV is the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh?

Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh, provides the world class facilities and hospitality to the patients . We provide good hygienic food of various variety,each day with a different menu. Our staff is the best as they take care of each patient around the clock .Our medical staff with a routine check the status of each patient ,all the festivals are celebrated in a traditional way . Birthdays of the patients are also celebrated to cheer up all . Outdoor and indoor games are also enjoyed like cricket ,volleyball , chess and carom etc .We also organize the outdoor meetings with AA and NA members so that patients can learn from others’ experiences and never fall in the hands of addiction. Sambhav is located in outskirts of Delhi NCR , in a posh green ,free from noise pollution and in ecological surroundings .We provide fully furnished rooms with all the amenities like AC, TV, Geyser, Wicolonyfi, electricity back up , corona sanitization measures and al the things needed. We are a step away from hospitals in case of emergency .All these things make Sambhav rehabilitation an ideal place and a second home . Indoor meetings are also conducted by counselors from all over India and abroad.

So, if you really love your loved one, it is the right place for you . You just email us or send us a whatsapp message or book a counseling with our counselor at no cost .We are ready to serve you our best .

We and you together create addiction-free society and bring joy , happiness and smiles to the faces of addicts which they really deserve.

How to get started with Sambhav | Nasha Mukti Kendra in Aligarh


Book a Free 60-Minute Consultation

At Sambhav, you can take the first step of your journey of recovery by booking a consultation with our team of experienced doctors that can advise you on how your drug rehab or alcohol rehab plan may look. So,

  1. Get in touch with Sambhav
  2. Book time for consultation
  3. Priority admission, if needed
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28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program

The addicts who get admission at SAMBHAV, attend a 28-day withdrawal and detox program. Our experienced and qualified team members at our place are to take care of the physical and mental health of the addict. This program aims at physical withdrawals by weaning patients off drugs and alcohol. We consider it essential for maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle in the journey of each patient.

  1. Attend our withdrawal and detox sessions
  2. Be a part of our group and individual sessions
  3. Take benefit from our ongoing support and recreational activities
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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

As an addict move towards the next stage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, they ask for continued support to reach their long-term goals. This program lasts for 60-90 days and helps the addict to adapt back to a life free from drugs and alcohol. We lay stress on promoting responsibility and independence at this stage.

  1. Be a part of our second stage treatment facility
  2. Enhance your engagement in group and individual counseling
  3. Take benefit of support from peers and staff
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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

No matter what the nature of addiction is, it requires ongoing care and maintenance for years. For preventing relapse for the recovery of addicts, we have extended a range of aftercare services for patients who require continual support. Our patients can have access to all of our alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.

  1. Transitional housing support
  2. Ongoing counselling
  3. Support
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