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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad for drug and alcohol addiction

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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad

Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad,is your most trustworthy companion in de addiction and mental health recovery. Nowadays most of the people of all age groups are entangled in various types of addictions but Alcohol and Drugs addiction is considered as one of the most lethal addictions these days not only in our country but also globally. We look upon an addict as a useless person but don’t know the basic roots of addiction due to which a normal person becomes an addict. There is no one who can understand the phase through which an addict is going and we never try to know the reason behind it. It is very shocking to know that addiction is a chronic disease which does not only kill a person slowly and slowly but also give drastic impact on the life of other persons who are connected with addict. As we know that it affects the family, friends and social circle too. We overlook an addict as a social threat but he is not responsible for his pathetic condition. The main cause of his disease is psychological disorders and chemical imbalance which is going inside his brain and body. It is believed that there is no cure or remedy for this disease.

To overcome this problem there is a place where the query and problem of an addict are listened and everyone tries to understand his feelings, keeping all the facts in mind, where addict is directed to the right direction to transform him to a social person and this place is known as a rehabilitation centre. In Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad, we understand the state of a patient with the help of our skilled professional psychiatrist, psychologist which listen to each and every query of a patient to know what is going deep inside the mind of a patient and the treatment given to them depend on the state of patient.

The treatment plan at SAMBHAV, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad.

At Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad, we have a team of professional staff who take care of each patient around the clock. Sambhav Rehabilitation Centre follows AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) program which is followed by millions of people across the world. This program transforms an addict to a normal disciplined and social human being who is responsible enough to take all the positive challenges which an addict denies during his addiction time. This program plays a vital role not only in quitting addiction but also in all aspect of life as it works on physical, mental and social beings on an addict in a holistic way.

We provide our program in three steps which are Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Relapse Prevention tools. In Detoxification the patient is detoxified first. We provide hygienic detoxified food during this period and our medical team follows everyday routine checkups, to prevent chances of withdrawals which are common in an addict. In this stage we focus on his physical health and prepare him to work physically as a normal person, this lasts for a month. After this patient is fully prepared as his physical rejuvenation is done and his energy is increased and lethargy is gone, making him strong enough to participate in tasks and activities and he is ready to move further to the second stage phase i.e. rehabilitation in which we indulge a patient in various activities and therapies to provide him mental and spiritual strength.

We conduct Yoga classes every day which directly works on his body growth and development by restoring his circulatory, digestive, endocrine and respiratory system. Meditation classes are also organized daily giving mental peace which one lacked during addiction days. Spirituality classes are also conducted to make them internally strong, confident to spiritually awaken them and to make their mind to think what is right for them and which direction they should follow. Individual counseling is also done by our psychologists so that they can share their feelings and queries easily.

Addict need only love and affection and someone who understands him, our expert psychologists work in the same manner according to patients need and become their friends in solving their each and every problem. Sharing sessions are held with ex-addicts in which they share their experiences, patient can learn many things from their past life history full of downfalls during their addiction period and how to rise again in life after his recovery. Here he meets other addicts, they all share their feelings so that patient’s bottled up ongoing emotions which are not understood by anyone should come out . AA and NA meetings – Regular outdoor visits are organized to give them the real exposure of sharing done by real addicts and ex-addicts so that they can relate their own life and worst phases of addiction to the experiences faced by other addicts developing a discriminating ability and a wise sense of judgement about their future.

Personality transformation classes – The underlying good character traits which were layered by the harmful consequences of addiction are brought out through self-analysis meditation and reflection on one’s own life. Many exercises to better social interaction in good and adverse times are also taught. All this provides intelligence, clear vision, a big horizon, caring attitude, strength and a sense of responsibility transforming their character. Third process involves the patient in recovery the knowledge about what he should do and what he should not after one gets back to society and this is called Relapse prevention tools.

Why SAMBHAV is the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad?

Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad, is located in the lush green, noise free and in one of the most known society of Delhi-NCR making it best place for a rehabilitation. We maintain life long relation with patient so that whenever he is in need, our counseling stops him from possible relapse or whenever they need to consult our expertise on any personal matter will not feel hesitate to contact us. That is the reason why the recovered addicts and their families lay their faith in us for the most secure and the safest treatment of their near and dear ones. We provide various facilities like T.V, A.C, Geyser, Wi-Fi, 24x7 surveillance, Regular medical checkups, Corona prevention measure, in case of emergency hospitals we are a step away and we have good skilled backup medical team. All these facilities are available under one roof i.e., Sambhav Rehabilitation Centre.

Seeing an inpatient rehabilitation does not mean you are causing a havoc in his life or making him a captive. You are assisting him to fight out this fatal disease, increasing his life and protecting him from falling to the ditch of addiction. Let’s not wait anymore, take the first step towards de-addiction. Your and your loved one’s happiness is just a call away.

So, the right place is waiting for you for the right treatment of yours or of your loved one .Happiness is just a call away .

How to get started with Sambhav | Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad


Book a Free 60-Minute Consultation

At Sambhav, you can take the first step of your journey of recovery by booking a consultation with our team of experienced doctors that can advise you on how your drug rehab or alcohol rehab plan may look. So,

  1. Get in touch with Sambhav
  2. Book time for consultation
  3. Priority admission, if needed
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28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program

The addicts who get admission at SAMBHAV, attend a 28-day withdrawal and detox program. Our experienced and qualified team members at our place are to take care of the physical and mental health of the addict. This program aims at physical withdrawals by weaning patients off drugs and alcohol. We consider it essential for maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle in the journey of each patient.

  1. Attend our withdrawal and detox sessions
  2. Be a part of our group and individual sessions
  3. Take benefit from our ongoing support and recreational activities
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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

As an addict move towards the next stage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, they ask for continued support to reach their long-term goals. This program lasts for 60-90 days and helps the addict to adapt back to a life free from drugs and alcohol. We lay stress on promoting responsibility and independence at this stage.

  1. Be a part of our second stage treatment facility
  2. Enhance your engagement in group and individual counseling
  3. Take benefit of support from peers and staff
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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

No matter what the nature of addiction is, it requires ongoing care and maintenance for years. For preventing relapse for the recovery of addicts, we have extended a range of aftercare services for patients who require continual support. Our patients can have access to all of our alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.

  1. Transitional housing support
  2. Ongoing counselling
  3. Support
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