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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri for drug and alcohol addiction

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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri

Have you ever imagined the irony , social isolation and misery ,sorrow and the state of drug or alcohol dependence of an addict or alcoholic ? Is any of your loved ones is an addict or alcoholic? If the answer to the above questions is a ‘’yes’’ then Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri, is the best place with its caring hands of love and care providing residential treatment to any kind of addiction of substance or alcohol. We are commited to healing the physicality and social being of an addict purely by personality transformation .

An addict might appear to others that he is enjoying the life but actually he deserves compassion and sometimes even pity for his pathetic and helpless situation ,if we know the characteristics of the disease of addiction . It is basically a compulsive physical dependency on any substance or alcohol . The most harmful characteristic is that an addict is completely unaware of the real social world and his physical and mental dependence and under the influence of substance or alcohol thinks that he is living the life of his choice without harming him or others.It is the family of an addict which suffers sorrow and trauma which can’t be described easily .Whatever the reasons ,psychological, hereditary factors or social circumstances , we work out through our counseling and psychiatric care forming a treatment plan.

Every addict and addiction are different as they need a specific personalized diagnosis and treatment.Our family care based treatment coupled with our medical, psychiatric and psychological support and care make us one of the most hospitable rehabilitation centres. We are a welfare society completely dedicated to transform addicts’ pessimism, self-isolation, physically and socially weal personalities into a positive , potential and productive citizen full of enthusiasm, happiness and kind-heartedness.

The treatment plan at SAMBHAV, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri.

At Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri,our treatment model is based on 12 steps of AA approach through which an addict starts accepting himself first as a patience and addiction as a disease and gradually he develops the wisdom and awakening of his socially conscious being to de-addict himself with his own efforts , determination and newly developed transformed personality .A complete pain free, unstressed and relaxing detoxification is introduced to an addict after diagnosing him at physical and mental level keeping in view his drug of choice . All the withdrawal symptoms are perfectly taken care by our team of doctors and professionally trained staff .We are also committed to transform a patient’s social personality altogether by providing him the best rehabilitation knowledge and tools.

The methodology to rehabilitate focuses on developing a new life schedule, giving a new knowledge on various social aspects of addiction and de-addiction keeping a patient involved in various activities and tasks to make him socially caring, awakened and a socially sensitive person .AA literature classes are also imparted to all the patients so that they know the experiences of the people who cured themselves from addiction. Regular classes are also held on teaching a new lifestyle which an ex-addict should follow and to make him realize the mistakes made by others which he should never commit in his life.It is a family kind of ambience provided by our residential rehabilitation program which makes all the patients fully comfortable like another home where they have come to stay for the cure.

Regular counseling sessions are held to advise and suggest new creative things to the patients and to bring them back to the best terms with their famiies,friends and at work sphere. Experiences realated to addiction and de-addiction are also shared in so called sharing sessions organized everyday in which all the patients sit together forming a group with a code of conduct to discuss and tell one another their feelings they have had in the last 24 hours .These sessions are also organized on Sundays in which all the patients share their lives as addicts and their dark experiences .These meetings create a bond among all the patients and they start feeling themselves as members of a new family .Guilt, criticism , feeling of isolation , dependency , repentence and aggression get consequently removed by attending and participating in these kind of meetings regularly .Many activities and interesting therapies are also organized all the week ,for fun ,teaching household participation ,socially respectful feeling ,to bring in patience of work in adverse times and most importantly to value the society and family outside which is waiting for the patient ardently .Analyzing each other’s daily schedule and abiding by the house rules also form an important task to keep the patient socially awake.

Yoga and meditation sessions along with or simple, hygienic ,detoxifying and nutritious food rejuvenate the physical and mental beings of each patient.Regular interaction sessions are organized with ex-addicts and staff members of AA and NA who bring in the real fruitful and experiential knowledge .We also celebrate all the festivals like home, worship and mantra chanting sessions are also organized to create positive and spiritual vibes . Repalse prevention methods are also inculcated in the patient’s mind to keep him away from the drugs or alcohol at any cost and the possible causes of relapse and recovery are very clearly explained to him. Regular visits to AA and NA meetings are also recommended or to be a volunteer and be connected with any de-addiction movement is also suggested.We believe that though addiction is a serious disease and negligence with unmindfulness but our love and care based rehabilitation program increasing social awareness is the remedy for it with a sense of responsibility .

Why SAMBHAV is the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri?

Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri, is comfortably accessible by all parts of the country as we are in one of the most urbanized and beautiful localities of Delhi NCR and very well connected by railways, airways and by surface .Our building , more than a rehabilitation centre, is a house or a home because its plan is totally based for a family kind living .Availaibility of all the services like i.e. different rooms like Private, Semi private and general rooms full equipped with AC,Geyser ,electricity back up, 24x7 surveillance, health emergency services in vicinity and green eco friendly surroundings with noise free neighbourhood.Driven by the expertise of our doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists ,we create a personalized attention based residential treatment plan for each patient as we believe that each patient is special and needs to be understood .Yoga and meditation sessions are held to cleanse the body from toxins and to improve the systems of the body inducing peace and holistic good functioning .

Sharing sessions are also attended by our patients in real AA and NA meetings .Various guests speakers are also invited regularly to introduce new things to the patients.There is availaibility of indoor games and outdoor sports .Personality transformation and counseling sessions are also organized now and then like interaction sessions with the ex-addicts who have recovered from addiction.So , if you looking for a rehabilitation and de addiction centre based on homely love and care , we invite you to our premises or simply enquire visiting our web page .Our counselors are always ready to help all as we believe that every patient is special and needs a special care.

So, no need to wait for happiness, we are just a call away.

How to get started with Sambhav | Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dadri


Book a Free 60-Minute Consultation

At Sambhav, you can take the first step of your journey of recovery by booking a consultation with our team of experienced doctors that can advise you on how your drug rehab or alcohol rehab plan may look. So,

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28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program

The addicts who get admission at SAMBHAV, attend a 28-day withdrawal and detox program. Our experienced and qualified team members at our place are to take care of the physical and mental health of the addict. This program aims at physical withdrawals by weaning patients off drugs and alcohol. We consider it essential for maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle in the journey of each patient.

  1. Attend our withdrawal and detox sessions
  2. Be a part of our group and individual sessions
  3. Take benefit from our ongoing support and recreational activities
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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

As an addict move towards the next stage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, they ask for continued support to reach their long-term goals. This program lasts for 60-90 days and helps the addict to adapt back to a life free from drugs and alcohol. We lay stress on promoting responsibility and independence at this stage.

  1. Be a part of our second stage treatment facility
  2. Enhance your engagement in group and individual counseling
  3. Take benefit of support from peers and staff
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Outpatient Relapse Prevention

No matter what the nature of addiction is, it requires ongoing care and maintenance for years. For preventing relapse for the recovery of addicts, we have extended a range of aftercare services for patients who require continual support. Our patients can have access to all of our alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.

  1. Transitional housing support
  2. Ongoing counselling
  3. Support
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